Copper Roofing

We have been specialising in copper roofing for over 20 years and have a vast range of knowledge compared to other tradesmen when it comes to copper roofing. Thanks to our expert team of researchers, we now have the best copper roofing materials and components available in comparison to other local copper roofers. We find this a great achievement and have gained many customers not only for our copper roofing service but for the maintenance and repairs of this specialist service we offer.

Copper Roofing for any building type

All of our roofers are specifically trained in order to be able to provide any building type with a sturdy, lifelong copper roof for an unbeatable price. We are able to provide a copper roofing service for any building type and previously we have applied our copper roofing techniques to residential, commercial and industrial properties of all shapes and sizes.

We have a range of different copper densities and layouts available so that we can construct a roof which is suitable for your building. Our friendly professional copper roofers will be happy to assist you in the planning and design of your roof if you wish to be involved, but if roofing isn't one of your strong points, we will be happy to take over the planning and discuss with you the steps which we will take in order to provide you with a quality, top of the range copper roofing system.